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"I am honored when patients select me as their SPINE SPECIALIST"

The best patient outcomes are developed through

targeted, evidence-based treatment. 

Doctor and Patient

Dr. Lee is known for his patience, focus, and active-listening. He wants to learn about your symptoms and your goals for treatment. Dr. Lee also wants to ensure your understanding of your diagnosis and treatment - knowledge is power.

Provide Patient-Centered Care


Successful treatment requires a correct diagnosis. Dr. Lee does a thorough exam and reviews all studies with you. He wants you to understand your diagnosis.

Establish Correct Diagnosis

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Dr. Lee matches treatment to your goals. There is frequent follow-up to ensure you are on the path to recovery. He wants your input on treatment options.

Create A Targeted Treatment Plan

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Physical Therapy and exercise play key roles in your recovery while also preventing future neck, back, and spine issues. 

Maximize Therapy & Preventive Measures

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Have you reached your treatment goals? If you have not, what other treatments are indicated?

Review Progress & Re-Visit Goals

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Dr. Lee will review surgical options if surgery is indicated. He maintains strict surgical indications and thoroughly explains all options, risks, benefits, and alternatives.

Ask If Surgery Is Right For You?

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