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Dr. Scott Lee is a knowledgeable, kind and very professional surgeon. He successfully fixed my horrible back pain. I would like to acknowledge his assistant Karine. She is so helpful and supportive. A total pro!

Anne (via Google)

Image by Brett Jordan

Dr. Lee is an exceptional surgeon! He takes the time to listen to every question and concern, and addresses each one. He takes his time to make sure you don’t feel rushed during your appointment, explaining all test results, surgery options, and your progress after surgery. Great personality, and overall just a very kind man. Having my back surgery was the best decision I’ve made, and went into surgery with complete peace knowing I was in great hands! His follow up care with me in the hospital was amazing, and continues with each visit. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to have any type of back surgery, as I feel he is the best in his field! Everyone in his office is great as well!! Super nice, and very helpful at every appointment, and especially with the surgery scheduling!!

Jeanne (via Google)

Image by Brett Jordan

Dr Scott Lee did my spinal surgery. He is one of the best doctors I have been to . Explains everything in detail and does not pressure you into surgery. He is easy to talk to , caring and handles his patients with tenderness and warmth. I highly recommend him if you are having spine problems. Came to see me in the hospital everyday I was there and made sure I was comfortable with no pain. If I was to ever have another spine surgery he would be the one I would go to. Thank you Dr Scott Lee .

Evelyn (via Yelp)


Dr. Lee was great. He was thorough in his exam and after my MRI results going over options. The ideal demeanor for a Doctor.

Scott (via Yelp)


Doctor Scott Lee is a Wonderful Doctor , He explained to me about my Lower back condition and about the surgery   and I decided to have the surgery ,  I was amazed after Anterior Lumbar Spine surgery the Nurses helped me to start walking , didn't have pain that I was expecting  I was shocked   Doctor Scott Lee has Magic Hands   I am speechless  , I didn't even used pain medication or Ice packs ,and when I went home didn't use walker or cane   and now  after 7 weeks from my surgery I have quality life   and Thanks to Doctor Lee 

Seto (via Yelp)


"Dr. Lee and his staff were exceptionally well prepared for my treatment and answering my many questions. Dr. Lee performed an anterior cervical fusion. Meaning: he fused three-levels of my neck and entered through the front of my neck. He's very professional and patient with his clients. In fact, he's doing a lower back surgery on me in the future. I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who has spinal injuries or pain associated with the spinal cord."

Leslie (via Yelp)



"Thank you so much for the difference you have already made in my life and certainly all your patients. Your kindness, guidance, and sincere caring made me feel at ease throughout my surgery. Thank you for checking up on me countless times in person and via phone as well. I feel fortunate and thankful to have been under your care and at Adventist Health as well. I experienced minimal pain during recovery all thanks to you."

Violeta (via Yelp)



"I love Dr. Lee.  Always spent a lot of time with me, never felt rushed.   Didn't push having surgery on me just gave me the option.  Got me in as soon as surgerys opened back up and did a great job fixing my neck.   He fused 2 vertebrae that were bulging.  His staff is amazing as well."

Amy (via Yelp)



"Dr. Lee is one of the most professional and an empathetic doctor. His credentials are clearly top notch!!"

Samara (via Yelp)



"So glad I had the chance for a video conference with Scott during these crazy Covid-19 times. He's a great doctor and knows my lower back very well. Very precise und heartfelt diagnosis - and treatment plan! Always a pleasure to be in touch with him & highly recommend!"

Nick (via Yelp)



"Dr. Scott Lee is not only top notched in every aspect of performing surgery and giving medical treatment to my brother, but he is also very compassionate. I had accompanied my brother to all of his medical appointment with Dr. Lee during the initial phase of his surgery, I could sense that Dr. Lee truly cares for his patient and I was touched!  Dr. Lee answered all of my questions for us to very comfortably decide to go for surgery. Compassion is a quality that I valued a lot in a good doctor!"

Tina (via Yelp)



"Dr. Lee is one of the most professional and amazing doctors I have ever met and I highly recommend him. Not only is he smart and professional but he really cares for his patients. He takes his time and explains everything in full detail also asking if I have any questions about anything. I found Dr Lee on google and he was a life saver literally. [...] Dr Lee performed a close to 5 hour operation inserting 8 screws and 2 titanium rods in my back. Not only is Dr. Lee an amazing doctor but a great surgeon as well. I'm now getting better day by day and will be returning to work soon. Everyone from Dr. Lee to his staff have been nothing but amazing."

Robert (via Yelp)



​"Very nice, knowledgeable and explained everything in detail to my father. Having been in healthcare myself, I appreciate his thoroughness and understanding. The office staff was well organized, cordial, and attentive. Overall, highly recommend Dr. Lee!"

Miss L. (via Yelp)



​"I went to see Dr Lee because I've had several injuries to my neck and back over the years. He took the time to really understand both my history and the demands that my work puts on my body.
It was such a pleasure to have a doctor spend that kind of time with me, and ultimately the information lifted a weight off my shoulders.
The technical competence is one thing (and Dr Lee definitely has that,) but the way he related to me as a person is really what made the experience great. Recommend with enthusiasm!"

Adam (via Yelp)



​"I am an Registered Nurse with years of orthopedic practice and experience, and I rarely give stellar reviews; but this is one doctor who deserves a stellar review and more. I am so impressed with Dr. Lee and his knowledge and skills that I have referred several patients with long-standing medical issues to him.  Each of these patients has given accolades for Dr. Lee. If we could clone Dr. Lee, orthopedic spine surgery would reach new heights of excellence."

Darla (via Yelp)



​"Dr. Lee is phenomenal. His credentials are clearly top notch, but his communication skills and caring really put him in a league of his own. [...] He's so thorough! Patiently explaining my condition and treatment alternatives in detail. Listening to and answering my questions in a way I can understand--not an ounce of condescension. Making himself available for followup. And he really seems to care. He's empathetic about the challenges of my condition and treatment and and checked in on me in the hospital multiple times after surgery. BTW, the nurses confirmed that he goes above and beyond and said they love to work with his patients because they know he always has the details covered."

Nancy (via Yelp)



​"Dr. Scott Lee is an easy 6-stars. I recently had cervical spine surgery and under his care. [...] The good doctor has earned my trust from Day 1. Not only does he clearly communicate all issues and treatment plans but he does it with compassion and genuine concern for my wellbeing, current and future. He listens. I know because he remembers most everything of what was discussed during the prior visit. His response time is 100%. [...] The surgery went very well. Dr. Lee checked on me during recovery and twice in my room on that same day. He is surrounded by equally-efficient and friendly staff. Overall, his quality of patient care is both amazing and refreshing.

Cheryl (via Yelp)



​"I am very fortunate to have been under the care of Dr. Lee.  I was having lower back pain and difficulty walking. After a MRI, Dr Lee reassured me that I did not have any major injury requiring surgery.  He prescribed Physical Therapy.  Dr Lee is very attentive, knowledgeable, and kind.
I feel comfortable going back to him, if I again, experience back pain."

Nancy (via Yelp)



​"Dr. Lee and his office took unbelievably great care of me before, during, and after the surgery that he eventually performed to fix the issue. He was consistently balanced and knowledgeable in his approach to the injury, as well as in his advice when considering all available options to treat it (starting with non-surgical options, as much as they were available). He was never rushed in visiting with me and answering questions, and he made himself accessible and easy to contact, both of which are qualities that I feel is unfortunately far too uncommon amongst many doctors these days. For a patient like me, who finds those things deeply important, it would be hard to do any better than Dr. Lee. Moving onto the surgical procedure itself, it was hugely successful as Dr. Lee fixed a pretty severe issue. The recovery period brought its own challenges, as is to be expected, but both Dr. Lee and his office staff stayed available and reachable throughout it. They then continued their excellent care through follow up appointments to help verify the letting success of the surgery."

Mark (via Yelp)



​"We consulted Dr Scott Lee for back surgery and after our first meeting with him it was clear he was going to be the surgeon we were looking for. Great bed-side manner. Non-rushed during the consult and he explained to us what we lay ahead in a way that we understood. After consulting with another trusted surgeon (out of my insurance network) we asked Dr Lee to perform only a microdiscectomy rather than a full  fusion and he agreed even though it was not his first choice of procedures.
The surgery went without a hitch and all the staff at Adventist Health Glendale were awesome. They kept us updated and informed throughout the entire time.
Dr. Scott Lee followed up each day by calling and making sure everything went well."

Michael (via Yelp)



​"Fantastic Dr who has helped my husband with a neck issue that has been going on for months.  Dr. Lee's entire staff is efficient and easy to work with.  We have never had to wait past our appointment time to see him and he spent lots of time with us and really gave us his attention.  He is a surgeon but he does not jump to surgery as his only option.   In fact he has suggested that my husband see a Chiropractor that Dr. Lee works with often to avoid the need for surgery.  This treatment plan has been great and we are on the mend.  
I would highly recommend Dr Lee for anyone with neck or spinal issues."

Grace (via Yelp)



​"Dr. Scott I. Lee is a highly-skilled and experienced orthopedic spine surgeon whose sterling credentials are made even more impressive by the fact that he is a compassionate individual who wants nothing but the best possible care for his patients, and does all he can to give it to them.
I am extremely fortunate--blessed, in fact!--to have ended up with him as my spine surgeon after I'd suffered for over a year due to the effects of a botched cervical spine surgery performed by another surgeon the year before."

Maria (via Yelp)



​"Dr. Lee has been a consummate professional and advocate for my health and well-being from my very first office visit with him.  I would rate Dr. Lee as excellent across the board in terms of patient interaction, as a medical doctor and surgeon and putting me on a post-surgery plan that is clearly working very well.  I would highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone with back or spine issues. I would honestly say he took care of me very well during those most difficult times and continues to take good care of me now. I am so grateful I found him!"

Rickey (via Yelp)


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