Telemedicine Services allow you to consult with Dr. Scott I. Lee without having to come into clinic. A Telemedicine Visit is available to both new and returning patients. You can request a Telemedicine Visit when scheduling your consultation. 


  • Not all visits are suitable for Telemedicine Services. Our Clinic Schedulers will help assist you in determining if an in-office consultation is a better option.

  • Not all Insurances will cover Telemedicine Services. Please check with your Health Insurance Plan to ensure that Telemedicine Visits are covered.

  • At this time, Telemedicine Services can only be conducted in English.

  • If you have imaging studies, you will be asked to send these to our clinic on CD prior to your Telemedicine Visit.

  • Most orders (e.g. referral for Physical Therapy, MRI order) and medication prescriptions can be sent via fax or email. Certain medication prescriptions (e.g. narcotic pain medication) require you to pick-up the hardcopy order from the clinic.

  • At the conclusion of some Telemedicine Visits, Dr. Lee may determine that an in-office visit is required to best address your neck, back, or spinal complaint.

You choose one of the following methods to connect with Dr. Lee for your Telemedicine Visit:


You will be scheduled a day and time for the Telephone Visit. Dr. Lee will contact you at the phone number you provide.

This option only requires a phone as it is an audio-only visit. It is ideal for follow-up visits. Because the visit is audio-only, you will not be able to see any x-ray or MRI studies that Dr. Lee is reviewing with you.


You will be scheduled a day and time for the Virtual Visit. A Virtual Visit has audio and video capabilities. These are the requirements:

  • valid email address

  • electronic device with internet access as well as audio/video capabilities (e.g. smartphone, laptop, tablet, home computer with webcam)

For your visit, Dr. Lee uses, a secure, free, HIPAA-compliant Virtual Visit platform through the internet. There is nothing you have to download, no account to sign up for, and does not require any of your personal information.