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This. Is. Spinal Tap.

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Welcome To The New Blog

This. Is. Spinal Tap.

Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to the new blog.

Before we get started -- no, this is not a terrible revival of the 1980's band/mockumentary "This is Spinal Tap." Some things should remain in the 80s (JCVD not included).

What Motivated Me To Start This Blog?

You did!

Far too often, I have patients and their family members in my office asking questions such as:

"Another surgeon told us that if my mother doesn't have surgery,

she will become paralyzed.

Is this true?"

"I have shooting pain down my leg.

Why is everyone focused on my back?"

"I read the Radiologist's report of my MRI.

Why does it sound absolutely terrifying?"

"I have seen two Spine Surgeons already and feel like I have

six different surgical options.

Which is the correct one?"

These questions, and many others, can leave you feeling confused, frustrated, and anxious about your medical care.

Admittedly, we, as medical professionals, do not do a great job explaining your condition and treatment options, nor are we good at setting realistic expectations and potential outcomes.

I have been on the other side, both as a patient and as a family member, to know that this is true. You grasp maybe half of what the doctor is telling you about your condition and treatment options in a seemingly rushed discussion.

And that is supposed to be OK? Some of us spend more time doing Yelp research to choose a restaurant for dinner (how many of you have a friend who already knows what he/she is ordering based on a Yelp picture?).

So you do your own research. "Dr. Google" is always available to take house calls. But this inevitably leads to questionable information sources, and in my experience, only more questions and anxiety.

"My back hurts. I think it's a muscle strain, but Google

just told me it could be a tumor and I could die?!?


Why Should You Read This Blog?

This blog is intended for patients, their friends and family, medical professionals, and anyone else interested in Spine Surgery. I hope that it grows to serve as a trusted-resource to shed light on symptoms, conditions, treatment options, surgical advances, as well as the latest research in peer-reviewed journals.

Subscribe. Comment. Ask questions. Stimulate discussion.

This is meant to be interactive. If you want me to cover a topic, let me know in the comment section down below. Keep me honest, and please be kind and cordial to everyone.

If I cannot answer your question in a post, you can always consult "Dr. Google." I just ask that you make sure to schedule a consultation with me for a second opinion, haha.



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